Monica Loncola: Painter, Illustrator and Mixed Media Artist July 10 2021

New in the gallery is Monica Loncola: painter, illustrator and mixed media artist.

Last month we had some extreme low tides which made it possible to walk around large rocks and explore the tide pools at the south end of beach, that is where I met Monica. We were both so excited by all the beauty, we became fast friends pointing out our discoveries. This month I now have more than a dozen pieces of her work in the gallery. 

Please come and see her work in person, it is truly amazing.


The Incredibly Talented Melissa Finelli! September 05 2020

Melissa has become a good friend over the years. When we are lucky enough to be juried into the same craft show, we always have some good clean fun together. I also have a very nice array of her work in my personal jewelry collection, and now her incredible award-winning work is in the gallery!

Melissa lives in Boston. She studied metalsmithing at the North Bennet Street School and sculpture at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. Her forms range from organic to architectural to playful. Her jewelry is forged by hand in silver or 18k gold, and is sempre comfortable to wear.

Lisa Fleming Ceramics August 20 2019

New to the gallery is Lisa Fleming. Form over function. Lisa's clay forms are clean, sophisticated and elegant. Inspired by Japanese and mid-century Scandinavian pottery and glazes, Lisa throws each piece in porcelain and makes all her own glazes! Please come in and see her work in person, it truly is exquisite!

Paper Mache Meadowlark July 14 2019

Nancy Overton started making paper mache birds years ago after joining the Cornell University's Back Yard Bird Count.

Nancy starts each piece by sketching or photographing birds and then makes an armature using floral wire to create the body. The wire armature then gets a skin of newspaper strips and glue. Handmade papers and other treasured paper-finds from garage and estate sales that include: hand-written recipes, pages torn from foreign dictionaries, postage stamps, and sheet music make the outer and final artistic layer.

Natalya's mixed media collage work March 22 2019

Natalya Knorover Aikens' work is hand stitched collage made from recycled and repurposed materials. Her images are inspired by urban environment. Beautifully executed and extremely original.

Tara Knutson's Wire Sculpture August 04 2018

Tara Knutson began using wire as a medium in 1995. We are very excited to have her work in the gallery!
"Its fun to  take a material that is simple and accessible and turn it into something expressive and dynamic.  The shadows are often the best part, you can't plan for them".

Judith Lemmens Summertime Ceramics June 23 2017

Judith Lemmen's style is clean and fresh, like summertime. Judith's aesthetics ranges from subtle to bold looks, keeping her designs simple in shape, color and graphics.

Her inspiration can be drawn from fabric, graphic and pattern design, often using elements of nature in her work. Once a theme is emerging, she likes to create different variations on that design, making each piece unique on its own and harmonious in a group. This way his and her favorite mugs can go together without being the same.

Amy Nguyen Textiles February 12 2017

Amy Nguyen's passion for the Japanese aesthetic influences her design in textiles. She makes wearable art using dyeing techniques of shibori, rozome, and katazome to express pattern and color on fabric before manipulating that fabric to create a new textile.

We have a collection of her scarves at m a d e, come by and try one on.

PopUP for Artist Jacqueline Mallegni July 10 2016

New Work by Jacqueline Mallegni

m a d e Contemporary Craft Gallery is excited to host a PopUP of new work by Jacqueline Mallegni.

Jacqueline creates minimalist, mixed media sculpture with a focus on form and shadow using paper, foraged tree branches, rattan, ink, kakishibu, waxed linen thread and cast fiber. 

Please join us Saturday and Sunday, July 16 + 17, from 11 - 5pm
3448 Shoreline Hwy, Stinson Beach, CA 94970. 415-868-8860 for more information.

New Artist: Melissa Woodburn May 25 2016

Creating non-traditional sculptural vessel, Melissa Woodburn uses traditional materials and methods. Coiled pine needles and slab clay, Melissa honors the original rhythms of the materials. The finished vessels make statements about a moment in time, a sense of place, a cycle started, a cycle complete.

STYLE 2016! March 20 2016

Heidi Paul will be participating in STYLE again this year. Please come and see her new work at the Palo Medical Foundation, Mountain View Center at 701 East El Camino Real in Mountain View. April 9, 10 - 5 and again Sunday, April 10, 11 - 4.

Kelp Basket in Action! February 15 2016

A local Stinson Beach resident is so pleased with her latest acquisition from

made Contemporary Craft Gallery.

Artist Reception for Schehera Van Dyk on Saturday, February 6, 3-6 pm January 24 2016

m a d e is very excited to feature the work of Schehera Van Dyk for the month of February.

Bolinas artist, Schehera Van Dyk, has been working in clay for over 22 years. Her exquisite ceramic platters, bowls and vases are beautifully crafted and meticulously painted with mandala like patterns, animals and nature in brilliant colors. Inspiration from the natural world and multi-cultural symbolism can be seen in Schehera's new body of work made for this special event.

Please join us for a reception to meet the artist and see her latest work on Saturday, February 6 from 3 to 6 p.m. at 3448 Shoreline Hwy, Stinson Beach. For more information: 415-868-8860,

New Jeweler: Lisa Gent November 08 2015

Seeing the marks a jeweler leaves behind reminds us that someone took the time, they had intentions when the piece of jewelry was being created. New at m a d e is jeweler Lisa Gent. 

For those upcoming end of year festivities and events... October 18 2015

Kathleen Kelley is an artist who creates exquisite headwear. Each piece is an assemblage of materials, color and textures.  Hand woven textiles, ribbon, feathers, handcrafted birds, silk leaves and natural twigs and branches are just some of the materials Kathleen employs.

Newest jeweler: Susie Aoki August 22 2015

We just received beautiful work by Jeweler, Susie Aoki. Using sterling silver and the occasional stone, she combines a simple and modern aesthetic with a natural sensibility.

Encaustic is Cool. July 18 2015

Encaustic is derived from the Greek word enkaustikos, which means to "burn in." Today I hung 6 gorgeous pieces by Laura Deem. She works with encaustic (beeswax, resin and pigment) and mixed media collage on wood panels. Laura's work has been included in many groups shows and a handful of solo exhibitions in the bay area.

Happy Anniversary MCC! May 29 2015

Memorial weekend, 2015 was m a d e 's third year anniversary. It was nice and foggy on the beach but that didn't slow the folks from visiting our lovely village!

Spring Time in Stinson Beach March 28 2015

We love color here at m a d e and spring brings it on. Happy Spring!

Sand murals created by Andres Amador. February 07 2015

For the month of February, m a d e Contemporary Craft Gallery will be featuring photographs of sand murals created by Artist, Andres Amador. Andres works with rakes in the sand creating ephemeral paintings that last until the tide returns. Reception for the artist will be held on February 14th from 3 to 6. m a d e is located at 3448 Shoreline Hwy, Stinson Beach. Open: Thursday - Sunday, 11 - 5. For more information call 415-868-8860.

For those interested in creating a mural with Andres, he will be hosting a public workshop on February 14th at Stinson Beach State Park from noon to 3pm. For more workshop information visit:

Coinciding with this exhibit, Nick Allen and Tim Burns will be displaying their work in photography at the Stinson Beach Gallery, across the street from   m a d e.


Welcome to the new m a d e website complete with shopping cart! October 12 2013

Many of you who have been to m a d e have asked to shop online once you've made it home... Ta da! I am starting with just a few of our best sellers. If you don't see something on our site that you fell in love with while visiting, don't be shy to call or email us, we are happy to accommodate!

Cheers and happy shopping.